10 Reasons Why You're my Bestie Wooden Box with Hearts


10 Reasons Why You're my Bestie Wooden Box with Hearts



Unique, charming and original gift for your bestie.

Perfect present to let your friends know how special they are to you.

The wooden box contains 10 hearts with the top personalised reasons why she / he is your best friend. You can add 11th heart free of charge where your gift message will be engraved.

Thoughtful and a very special gift.

We have 5 sets with the standard messages, please select your favourite one:

SET 1 - 1. You make me laugh 2. You Love ME 3. You let me be me 4. You’re my best Friend
5. You make me smile 6. You push me to be positive 7. You are so kind 8. You are always there for me 9. You care about me 10. You complete me

SET 2 - 1. You make me laugh 2. You are you 3. This is to remind you how amazing you are when I’m not there to tell you myself 4. You love me when I don’t love myself 5. You always have the right words to say 6. Always there for me 7. You let me be me 8. I can always be myself around you
9. You understand me 10. You are beautiful inside & out

SET 3 - 1. You always care for me 2. You are the best ever 3. You make me smile 4. You are always there when I’m down 5. I Can Always Be Myself Around You 6. You’re Amazing 7. You have a heart of gold 8. Just a little reminder how fabulous, special & amazing you are my beautiful friend 9. Thank you for being you xxx 10. The bestest friend a girl can wish for

SET 4 - 1. 1000000 memories, 100000 inside jokes, 1000 shared secrets, 1 reason: Best Friends 2. I hope we stay besties until we die. And then I hope we stay ghost friends and walk through walls and scare the s**t out of people 3. Girls can survive without a partner but they can’t survive without their bestie 4. Sending you the biggest hug ever! No words, No advice, just to let you know, you matter! 5. Bestie you give me reasons to smile and give me reasons to laugh but best of all you give me memories I can never forget  6. I’ll be there till the end, I’ll always and forever be your best friend 7. Thank you for being my unpaid therapist 8. I love my bff, I couldn’t ask for a better one, you are just perfect 9. Your friendship means the world to me, I just wanted to let you know 10. we are and always will be friends by heart and sisters by soul

SET 5 -1. You accept me for me 2. You light up any room 3. You make my heart smile 4. you truly are ONE IN A MILLION 5. Thank you for being my unpaid therapist and listening to me rant 6. When I'm with you I laugh a little harder, cry a little less and smile a little more x 7. You will always have my back 8. If you ever find yourself having a down day, please read these messages 9. You love me when I don’t love myself 10. You make me feel like the luckiest best friend in the world

Box measures approx: 140mm x 110mm x 2cm approx

We handcraft the boxes! They are like no other.

Each heart measures: H 40mm x W 40mm

Handmade to order from a raw, high quality birch plywood.
We use laser engraving technology to precisely engrave every wording on our products.
Beautifully and clean engraving.
Designed and handcrafted with love to create memorable gifts.